Sugarfree chocolate bar

Sugarfree chocolate bar
We can all agree that Chocolate is in many peoples heart and brain. 
With a lot of sugar you get addicted fast and it can get you in big troubles with your health in very processed products. The cheap factory made chocolate with a lot of addetives will definetely not do any good. 
There are big differences to consider when you gonna make your choice of Chocolate. You can do a lot of good by knowing what you put in your mouth. You can save a lot on this planet by actually knowing what is going on in the industry. 
Our mission is to make the finest pure chocolate possible, from cocoa beans to finished bars. The tiny chocolate sector and nations that produce cocoa benefit from our assistance through direct trade and education. We're on a mission to provide cocoa farmers the tools they need to improve farm management, reduce environmental impact, eliminate chemical use, and increase yields and profits. We put people, the environment, and superior products ahead of productivity. We will never sell chocolate with added sugar, sweeteners och additives, We will use what nature offer us and we will create chocolate bars by hand here in Sweden. 
So when you choose your Cacao products, choose wisley. 
With love
Camilla Hiller
Founder & CEO
Dreamcoast Sweden & Estonia
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