I eat a lot of organic eggs. I don't know what I would do without eggs. Food muffins are my favorite breakfast as well as the best food when I am driving for hours visiting a friend or out hiking. It's all protein almost and very easily both to cook and to eat. Eggs are my favorite ingredients when it comes to cooking. My body loves eggs. So here it goes, easy peasy and nutritious. 

You need these ingredients:

The batter:
6 eggs
1 dl coconut cream
1 tablespoon freeze-dried spicy mix
A pinch of freeze-dried Jalapeno
Finely grated goat cheese of your choice

Finely chopped vegetables as desired
I like peppers, leeks, and tomatoes
Feel free to use mushrooms, ham or bacon. Works well with taco minced meat too. Top with goat cheese.

Do this:
Mix all the ingredients except the cheese in the batter with a food processor or electric whisk. When the batter is well whipped, stir in the cheese.
Divide the batter into 20 silicone molds,
Distribute your filling in the molds and top with cheese. I often use leftovers as ground tacos or mini sausage pieces from a meaty hot dog. Top with the cheese.
Bake at 175-200 degrees for 10 minutes and serve with a lovely salad or raw food.

Feel free to use leftovers such as taco mince, mini sausage pieces from meaty sugar-free sausage, or leftovers from the chicken. These food muffins are really good cold as well and perfect on a long journey or out hiking

Have a nice meal!

With love

Camilla Hiller


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