What is the stress reset protocol? 

Here it is explained, the protocol Dr. Bob Rakowski created and used on his patients in his practice for over 10 years: 

Dr. Bob Rakowski:

- We usually do the stress reset protocol for 7 to 10 days to calm down the body and literally put the breaks on all stress that is going on in your body and mind. In extreme cases 21 days (=End stage cancer, Extreme autoimmunity, or people near mental breakdown")

This is the needed doses: 

Melatonin 2 mg every waking hour (PMC 3198018)

L- Theanine 100 mg every waking hour (PMC 25759004)

Organic Certified Ganoderma 2 spore capsules every waking hour, (preferable open and put the powder under your tongue) (PMC 29872510, 28933106, 22593926)

Theanine calms the mind - PMID: 31060476

“L-Theanine promotes relaxation without drowsiness. Unlike conventional sleep inducers, L-theanine is not a sedative but promotes good quality of sleep through anxiolysis.” - 2015 PMID: 25759004

L-Theanine increases GABA PMID:31060476 2019

Melatonin calms the adrenals -  PMID: 12519889


Why do you take it?

It's a perfect starting point to heal and to be able to help the body receive what it needs as detox, nutrition, or support with supplements.


What are the results? 

It may give you a lot of benefits in your life such as

- More energy

- Better sleep

- Better focus and memory

- A calm system (body, mind, and soul)

- Less foggy brain

- A great new beginning and the possibility to start healing

- Easier absorption of supplements and nutrition when the body's not stressed


Dianne Solano is an Orthomolecular Nutritionist turned health podcast host, Global Diamond Networking Leader, and revenue coach. 

She coach health professional and advocates to grow their revenue while impacting lives at the same time. Her calling to alternative health was birthed shortly after her father passed away from his first conventional treatment of cancer. She was rattled knowing in her gut there were more answers that she simply did not know existed.

She did the stress reset and here she explains in this video more on why this protocol is so powerful: 

You find Dr. Bob's Stress reset drops and the complete stress reset bundle here

Start to enjoy your calmer way of life, today!

All the best

Camilla Hiller 

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