Glutenfree berry balls with sprinkles

Glutenfree berry balls with sprinkles

The classic chocolate balls must now resign from the throne for now the queen of balls with freeze-dried berries is taking over. This was a recipe I came up with when I was helping with a children's party for a bunch of little girls. I got surprised when the mothers of these girls emptied the barrels. Then I understood that this can also be something for the older versions of girls around.  

Berry balls with freeze dried berries

So, now I'm giving away my recipe for you to try out!


150 grams room temperature butter

50 ml melted organic coconut oil

200 g organic coconut flakes of good quality + flakes to roll in

2 dl organic gluten-free oatmeal or almond flour

3-4 tbsp freeze-dried strawberry powder

4 tbsp freeze-dried coconut powder

1/2 dl freeze-dried strawberry pieces or freeze-dried raspberry pieces


Run everything in a food processor where first mix the butter, oil, and powder so it is well blended. If you want more sweetness, increase the amount of berry and fruit powder, but remember to mix the butter, oil, and powder and let it rest for half an hour before tasting so the flavor from the powders can explode in the butter. Then you get a fair picture of how it will taste. Use Freeze-dried strawberry pieces, raspberry pieces, or coconut flakes to roll the berry balls in. 

If you do this recipe you might as well make Berry balls of 500 grams of butter and freeze them when you start rolling anyway....

With love

Camilla Hiller


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