Something that came with a lack of energy when I got sick many years ago was the creativity in how to do smart things that saves the thing I needed most, my energy. 

I started to do easy, smart, and nutritious cooking. It saved me a lot of time and I always had time and energy for other things. I re-created a pulled pork recipe that was full of ingredients I didn't want to eat. This is my clean sugar-free version of pulled pork. 

You will need these Ingredients:

2 kg of meat of your choice from pork, poultry, game, or beef (grassfed organic meet or chicken)
800 grams of crushed tomatoes
1.5 dl tomato puree
2 - 3 teaspoons of freeze-dried garlic powder
1 tablespoon freeze-dried ginger
1 tbsp freeze-dried lemon powder
1 kg of carrots
1/5 dl freeze-dried onion powder
3 peppers
(3 bay leaves if you want)
1 tsp freeze-dried Jalapeno
2 tbsp freeze-dried barbecue mix
1 tablespoon freeze-dried Extravagant mix
3 tsp herb salt
250 grams of butter

Do this:
Set the oven to 110 degrees.
Mix the tomato puree, crushed tomatoes, and freeze-dried spices in a large pot and stir. Remove the bottom and top of the carrots that you rinsed, You don't need to peel them if they are fine, divide into large pieces
Put everything in the pot and stir. Press the pieces of meat down and cover them with the liquid. Place in the oven for 10 hours. Serve!

Cook while you sleep. For a vegetarian alternative, I recommend celeriac in pieces and other roots. Serve the stew in Sallad leaves and top it with Manchego cheese. I do as much as my pot takes and freeze it after I had it for dinner or eat it for days. 

Have a nice meal!

With love

Camilla Hiller


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