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 Services set up online

Research, meetings, and negotiation with 3 warehouses in the USA including documents valid for your decision to choose the right warehouse

Camilla Hiller consultation 5 hours x 97 USD=485

Timeline: 6th of June to 13th of June (meetings are booked) report ready 15th of June


Set up social media shops Instagram, Facebook

  • Connect the webshop to social media to create shops on social media
  • Review and check and adjust the design

20 h x 15 USD= 300 USD

Timeline: Start 9th of June, Finish 25st of June


Set up Google Analytics and Google search on the company + creating Google shop

  • Connect shop in Wix
  • Review and check and adjust the design
  • Create the company info on dreamcoastshop in the US on Google

20 h x 15 USD= 300 USD

Timeline: Start 9th of June, Finish 25st of June 


Monthly work with social media and webshop first month as offered 900 USD 



The webshop manager monthly subscription includes 25 hours x 25 USD= 500

  • Daily support email check-ins to support customers - Imah
  • Upload and/or change 10 products each month - Imah
  • Email marketing - 4 emails /month - Imah
  • Set up discount codes Maximum of 4 - Maria
  • Changing information on the website once a week - Nova
  • Monthly meeting for VA planning 1 hour + follow up creating agenda with Maria, Camilla, and Imah
  • A strategy call of 60 min with Camilla
  • Event set up 2 per month - Nova
  • Warehouse support/assignments - Maria
  • Refunds - Maria
  • Fulfilling orders - Maria
  • Warehouse management - Maria



Social media management monthly 20 hours/month x 20 USD = 400 USD

  • New profile set up with colors on Facebook and Instagram monthly for attraction/header etc. - Maria
  • Link tree set up with Wix - Changes for campaigns - Imah
  • 30-day planning and scheduling - Maria/Camilla with Rachel
  • Creating content 8 Quotes, 10 Reels created from the video content, 8 Fact carousels with 6 slides - Maria
  • Webshop campaigns, 1 every week posted - Imah
  • Blogging on topics, 2 blogs - Imah


Start: ASAP (We already started)

After this payment you will have a subscription on our monthly work the 9th every month billed on your credit card.


If you want to cancel the monthly service you have 30 days of notice to us.


Affiliation and setting up the connection to the warehouse will be done and charged later in June 


Sum in total ex tax: 1985 USD