Buy freeze dried fruit

Buy freeze dried fruit

So, Why buy Freeze dried fruit? 

Freeze dried fruit is available in a variety of forms, including whole fruit, fruit blends, chopped fruit nibs, and powders. Freeze drying (lyophilisation) is a low-temperature dehydration procedure that keeps the fruit's natural shape, color, and goodness.

Our freeze dried fruit is 100% fruit with no additional sugar, colorings, preservatives, or additives. It will also keep in the pantry for up to 9 months (in our click seal bags), making freeze dried fruit far more convenient than fresh fruit.

  1. As a nutritious snack, eat freeze dried fruit directly from the packet, such as whole freeze dried pineapple or banana.
  2. For natural sweetness and a vibrant flash of color, sprinkle some freeze dried fruit nibs on your yoghurt
  3. For a natural flavor and color, add freeze dried fruit powder to your cake mix.
  4. Sprinkle some freeze dried fruit nibs or powders into your pancake batter - this is very entertaining for kids.
  5. For more fruity gluten-free scones, ad freeze dried fruit such as apples or banana.
  6. You won't be sorry if you add freeze dried pineapple chunks when you serve a plate of cheese
  7. Make milkshakes with freeze dried fruit powders in a wide range of flavors and colors.
  8. Shake freeze-dried powders, such as banana or pineapple powder, into frozen drinks
  9. Dip cocktail glasses in fruit powders to create a colorful frosted rim with a fruity flavor. 
  10. In your cookie dough, replace the chocolate chips with freeze dried fruit sprinkles such as banana or mango.
  11. Frozen fruit pops (lollies) can be made by blending yoghurt with frozen dry fruit.
  12. Shortbread recipes can benefit from the use of freeze-dried fruits and powders.
  13. Add the freeze-dried fruit and powders to the muffin batter.
  14. To make pies and crumbles, add freeze dried fruit or powders to stewed apples.
  15. Ice cream can be topped with freeze dried fruits or fruit nibs.
  16. For breakfast, mix frozen dry fruit or powders into natural or coconut yogurt.
  17. To produce a sorbet, use freeze dried blackcurrant together with pineapple powder.
  18. Experiment with flavor combinations by using powdered and entire fruits in homemade ice cream.
  19. For a luscious flavor, add freeze dried whole raspberries to chocolate brownie batters or a minute cake in a cup.
  20. Use freeze dried sliced strawberries or mixed fruit nibs to garnish a dessert.
  21. Cheesecake recipes can benefit from the use of freeze dried fruit or fruit powders.
  22. Make homemade oatmeal bars or energy balls with freeze dried fruit nibs.
  23. A goats cheese salad can be topped with freeze-dried pomegranate seeds.
  24. Sprinkle freeze dried fruit nibs on top of cupcakes and fairy cakes for a natural alternative to sprinkles!
  25. To make burgers or meatballs, combine freeze dried apple cubes with minced pig or vegan mince.
  26. As a complement to pork recipes, try adding freeze dried apple
  27. Jellies with freeze-dried fruits are an excellent option for kids.
  28. Color and flavor can be added to roulades with freeze dried fruit nibs and powders.
  29. Overnight chia seed pudding with freeze dried blueberries or peach cubes.
  30. As with homemade crème brûlée, add fruit powders.
  31. Serve whole freeze dried strawberries with warm melted dark chocolate as a dip. 

What of all our tips will you try out? Let us know in the comments! 

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