KING Organic mold-free coffee

KING Organic mold-free coffee

Mold can develop in sealed packages of corn, nuts, and even coffee. Mycotoxins are a result of mold growth on these grains. Mycotoxins are easily grown on green coffee beans if proper processing measures are not taken. Possible side effects of exposure to mycotoxins include cancer, kidney disease, and brain damage. Coffee contains high levels of mycotoxin ochratoxin-A. Over time, this mycotoxin can develop in coffee and go undetected if it is not tested frequently.

What makes King Coffee a healthier choice for you on this planet? 

Patented, organic, and mold-tested, Organos Ganoderma/Reishi Spore King Coffee is also packed with beneficial compounds. Immune-modulating Reishi spores, the key to stable blood sugar levels, and many other health benefits can be found in King Coffee.

Additionally, 13 different acids have been removed from the coffee in this patented brew, so it will not cause acidity in the body. You can enjoy your coffee without worrying about getting jitters, experiencing anxiety, experiencing acid reflux, or being exposed to harmful chemicals or mold. (It can be found here.)

The organic Ganoderma/reishi spores not only counteract the unfavorable effects of caffeine but also maintain normal blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Now you can enjoy your morning coffee without worrying about the negative effects of caffeine on your body, such as irritability, restlessness, and a drop in blood sugar.

Where to buy Authentic King Coffee

You can get 100% mold-free, organic King Coffee from Organo in our webshop, and if you want to benefit from Organos membership with wholesale prices you can enroll as an Organo member here and earn some good money as a member and also get your coffee on auto-ship if you want. Any questions about enrollment or Organo you have, can be submitted to our email 

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