Dreamcoast Self Care food

Welcome to Dreamcoast webshop!

Our mission is to enrich you with facts about food and products that you can totally trust when it comes to being free from gluten, sugar, soy, sweeteners, additives and GMO.

In our shop, you will find us describing wellness linked together by soulful lifestyle . We want to give you an easy way to support your health and we do it by offering you wellness products and life style books.

Dive in and check out our supplements, Sugar-free freeze dried food and superfoods together with our handmade chocolate in flavours with our Freeze dried products. Check out our easy peasy blends for nutritious meals and cooking. We will do our very best to give you new ideas on what to eat and how to cook that are long time sustainable, meaning colourful tasty eating, affordable and friendly storage.

Our journey continues with new packaging and new innovative procuct ideas. 

To learn more about us, follow us on social media. You can also send us an email at shop@dreamcoast.se with any comments or inquiries.

Camilla Hiller and Anita Ifrig