My first Bariatric surgery survivor blog here is not about my journey, it's about how I survive and Thrive after Bariatric surgery. It's been really bad but my consistency made me survive the worst moments and a brain injury with severe malnutrition. Today I take vitamin shots every other day as well but the foundation for my life now is bioavailable supplements and superfoods. Nature always wins and functional medicine saved my life! Now I just want to learn more about my incredible body that started to talk to me loudly after I did Dr. Bob Rakowskis stress reset protocol.

I get a lot of questions about how I deal daily with the fact that I had bariatric surgery 11 years ago. I had to reduce tablets and pills cause my stomach and intestines screamed and when I met Dr. Rakowski and got my Ganoderma protocol, everything changed. 


Morning coffee with extras for me as a bariatric surgery patient looks like this:


1. Alcalic, mold-free and nontoxic coffee & later on, tea

2. Green mix in lemon water, need for Potassium is real and this helps a lot! This is also helping me not to be forced to keep track of a lot of supplements. This is awesome and loaded with nutrients.  I always take it right after I have eaten. Feels better in my stomach then. 

3. I take All supplements without capsules, only the powder inside of them. Many cellulose capsules are destroying the gut microbiome and as long as suppliers do not tell you which cellulose they use I do not eat capsules. My stomach is so damaged so I will not risk even more damage!

Organo Ganoderma spore powder on a spoon

4. Cold Ganoderma tea throughout the day to make my body stay hydrated and nourished with micronutrients and antioxidants. Energy and lower the stress in my system from the damage the surgery does and stressful organs. The best part is that it’s possible to use the teabag from Organo at least twice!

Organo Green tea

5. Massive doses of certified, organic Ganoderma spores in the morning, and evening and certified Ganoderma Mycelium through the day do keep my focus! I use Grapeseed oil together with the Ganoderma to enhance the effect. Soon, when it arrives in Sweden, I will start to ad CXT, an energy drink that does not contain sugar or sweeteners to my system as well to help my energy levels come up and enhance my brain's focus even more!

Organo certified Ganoderma spore capsules

Organo CXT energy drink

6. Organic clean Lemon water/squeezed organic lemon to pull back reflux problems and stay away from gastric ulcers and big pharma's dangerous medications like Omeprazole etc.

7. My supplements are Methylated B- complex powder and I have doubled my dose and I feel a lot better after doing that.  I will change soon to better products that my body can absorb much better! I take enzymes, HCL, Supersalt, D-vitamin drops, stress reset protocol daily, c- vitamin powder, licorice root, zinc, magnesium, cod liver oil in high dose, MCT oil in my coffee.

8. I cleaned out my households toxins! I only use natural clean products. Stopped using perfume, changed my toothpaste with a smile, stopped using bad and cheap shower gel, I use my Ganoderma soap and in 3 month I never needed to use body lotion as before. My skin lives me! Coconut oil is fine on some dry parts on my legs.

Organo Smile toothpaste

G3-Ganoderma soap

9. I drink more water cause Ganoderma needs that to work better and I learned that I need to filter my water to get a better coffee and drinking water cause our tap water is full of acid.

10. I also combine all of this with shots as I now found it in Germany to order in methylated Folic acid, b12, B1, B3, B6, D vitamin and C vitamin.  I want to take care of myself and my brain.

After I did the stress reset protocol last year and added certified Ganoderma spore powder in high dose I noticed that all my supplement finally seemed to work better than before. After the stress reset protocol when I was able to get my body to put the breaks on my biochemical stress, everything changed! Before Ganoderma my body was “at a stressed deep sleep” while I was awake! Every zip of coffee and tea helps me refill and re-build my system instead of destroying it! What a gamechanger to let go of all the toxins and mold in regular coffee!

Love you more - Taste the gold

What is the result of all this then?

A. No reflux

B. Almost no cramps

C. No migraine

D. More awake

E. Calm and much less stressed

F. No foggy brain, more focus

G. Less dyslectic

H. Reduced inflammation in my intestents

I. Happier

J. Blood sugar levels are adjusted

K. No pain from my Lipedema, starting to loose the stiffness in my body

L. No menopause hot flashes any more

M. Much more in contact with myself

N. No hair loss any more

O. Better skin

P. No sugar and food cravings!

I feel more balanced overall! ♥️🙏

Organo Ganoderma

To manage my life with all of these “demands” for supplements to survive and have consistency for the love of my body, I decided to do most of it in the morning! This except for enzymes, a small amount of HCL, stress reset protocol, and Ganoderma that I take with every meal. I drink 4 cups of coffee and green and red tea throughout the day! I bring my coffee and tea with me everywhere! Water is accessible everywhere! Being free of sweeteners, sugar and Gluten helped me a lot as well! Over 11 years now without sugar, sweeteners, and gluten! I am grateful that I decided to just take one day at a time and to realize that this is practical self-love!!


Read the labels on the supplements you want to take. Never use supplements with starch, sugar, sweeteners, corn, soy, or any other additives. Get toxins out of your body, not in. 

If you want to have Bariatric surgery, make sure you first get help with your traumas for 1 year. Then make sure you are loaded with money so you can pay for bio-available supplements that are needed with an amputated system that is on starvation 24/7. Remember that you need to do this for the rest of your life. 

If you want to know how to lose weight and create better health then you can get help from Dr. Bob Rakowski online. He helped so many people thrive in their health. 

This blog is written to honor, with gratitude what saved me lately, Functional medicine, my friend Andy Schunk and the amazing Dr. Bob Rakowski, in Houston Texas, USA. Thank you! 

For questions and/or guidance, please use the comments or email me  ♥️🙏

All the best!

Camilla Hiller


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