Barbeque Seasoning around the year

Barbeque Seasoning around the year

It's so easy to create a Barbeque seasoning all around the year and it is so useful in many ways. I love to put this blend in oil and make the meat or chicken marinate in it for some good hours. 

You can put meat in a slow cooker together with carrots and onion and let the mix pour into the veggies as well. If you want to marinate chicken you can add some Freeze dried lemon powder to this blend as well as Mango powder. 


Blend it all, ready to use. 

Tip: You can use the spice mixtures to taste in cold sauces or stir them into room-temperature butter and make spiced butter. Good to have in the freezer for meat, fish & poultry!

I always keep it in a big jar so there is room to shake it before I use it! 

What are your challenges when it comes to barbeque? 

With Love

Camilla Hiller

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