Quitting gluten can be difficult for many who are bread lovers, and then it's important to find alternatives that help eat less bread and get more protein and fat so that cravings can also be suppressed. This bread can really be a superb pan pizza base, which can also satisfy the sugar junkies. For those of you who prefer buffalo mozzarella, it also works.

This is so easy: 
6 eggs
3 dl Grated hard cheese from goat or sheep such as Chevrette or Manchego
1 teaspoon freeze-dried Jalapeno
1 teaspoon freeze-dried Italian mix
3 tbsp Fiber husk
1 dl Sesame seeds
300 grams of fat cheese
Small tomatoes in different colors if you like and want.
Mix eggs, spices, and fiber husk and now you need to hurry up to mix in the grated cheese
Distribute the batter on baking paper or silicone cloth, double the amount if you want to make it in a baking pan.
Add the feta cheese and sprinkle over the sesame seeds
Bake for 20 - 30 min at 175 degrees
Freeze-dried and fresh Italian mix to decorate with.
You make aioli with parsley or saffron using a batch of your own mayonnaise. You can find the recipe here
Add freeze-dried parsley if desired.
Serve with grilled chicken pieces or smoked sugar-free ham and salad 

If you like Buffalo Mozarella better you can choose that instead. Works wonders as well! 


With love

Camilla Hiller



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