All chocolate is not the same. 

We make chocolate in cooperation only with entities willing to follow the Rainforest Alliance Guidelines, and we train them to achieve very high standards of quality. We only support small farmers and league with local small enterprises in both Ecuador and the USA.

To support the small chocolate industry in countries where the chocolate originates by re-designing the cocoa commodity chain, thereby aiding farmers to adopt better farm management practices, protect the environment, ensure crops are free of harmful chemicals and maximize their income in order to encourage the farmers’ optimal re-investment in the development of high-quality chocolate.

You can never compare our chocolate to the bars in the supermarket. With absolutely no sugar, no sweeteners, milk protein, soy, GMO, or additives our chocolate is a whole new experience. RAW & VEGAN! Naturally occurring carbohydrates from Cacao and  Freeze dried flavors.
100% cacao that is sourced from sustainable cooperatives in Ecuador. Farmers are fairly paid without intermediaries. Our supplier peels roasts, and grinds the beans at a low temperature to preserve both nutrition and taste.

Here's how to eat our chocolate: Put a piece of chocolate on the tongue with our seasoning against the tongue. Let the chocolate warm up by melting in your mouth. The flavors are growing. Eating our chocolate is like meditation and enjoy it with a cup of coffee from Organo.


Ingredients: Stone-grounded cocoa beans, cocoa butter

Weight 90 grams, made from bean to bar

Allergy information: Milk-free, Gluten-free, Nut-free, and Soy-free.

Nutritional content per 100g:

Energy 692 kcal / 2866 kJ

Fat content 60.5 g - of which saturated fat is 35.6 g

Carbohydrates 25.9 g - of which natural sugars

0.36 g, Protein 11 g Ash content (minerals) 2.6 g

Water content <1.0 g

Our upcoming badge for fall 2022 we will be adding freeze-dried cacao pulp powder to our chocolate to bring the flavor a new softer touch and of course create a product naturally from the cacao fruit itself. Enjoy! 

All the best!

Camilla Hiller



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