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Freeze-dried Chive/ Frystorkat Gräslök

Freeze-dried (lyophilized) chives - a pleasant taste and the vibrant colors of chives enliven the dish and give it a great taste.

Exceptional quality, organic freeze-dried products for those who responsibly choose what they eat.

• 100% natural • No added sugar • No additives • No preservatives • Suitable for raw foods

Ingredients/Ingredienser: 100% Organic chive

Energi & näringsvärde/ Energetic & nutritional values per 100 g:

  • 1488 kJ 348 Kcal
  • fat/fett 8,1 g
  • of which saturates/varav mättat 1,6 g
  • carbohydrates/kolhydrater 20,5 g
  • of which sugars/varav sockerarter 20,5 g
  • fiber 27,8 g
  • protein/protein 36,3 g
  • salt/salt 0,01 g

Suitable for use

In the production of sauces and spreads 

All your favorite sauces and spreads will acquire a new - luxurious taste.


In the production of salads, soups, stews, pasta, pizzas 

Sometimes just one pinch is enough to completely replace your usual food dishes.


In the production of meat and fish dishes

Rediscover the taste of dishes by seasoning them with freeze-dried spices.


Store in a dry cool place/Förvaras torrt och svalt.

Place of origin: European Union.